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At SubZero, our goal is to remain current with the latest guidelines, safety, and standards of  the all-star cheerleading industry  in order to provide healthy, elite training  while creating a positive and  challenging atmosphere.  We understand that the way to do that is through training.  We offer coaches from throughout Western New York a chance to become certified with the AACCA and credentialed through the USASF.  We are currently offering the following courses.

Helping Coaches, Helping Athletes

AACCA Cheerleading Safety

The AACCA Spirit Safety Certification Program is a lecture course, study manual, and timed exam designed to educate cheerleading and dance coaches in all aspects of spirit safety and risk management.

The course is a three-hour lecture and review of the AACCA Safety Manual directed by an AACCA National Safety Instructor. The course covers such topics as legal and medical responsibilities, spotting, skill progressions, environmental safety concerns, psychological readiness, physical readiness, program evaluation and more. It concludes with a 90-minute, 100-question exam. A score of 70 must be achieved to qualify for certification. The course tuition is $75, which includes the required AACCA Safety Manual.

The minimum age to take the course for certification is 18 years of age.  Those under 18 can take the course as a benefit to their safety awareness, but certification will not be given until the age of 18.

The certification is valid for four years, and provides the certified coach with one million dollars of secondary liability insurance coverage for coaches who are employed full time by a school or school district and be the coach or advisor for the school's cheerleader or dance squad(s) and must be 21 years of age. Coverage for credentialed members remains in force for four years, subject to the renewal of the master policy.

Coaches Credentialing organizes coaching competency in three core subjects. Tumbling, stunts and tosses are evaluated. These efforts are to create a safer environment, by developing standards through proper skill progressions. After a written and hands on assessment coaches experience is validated, the coach will receive credentials through the Level(s) passed. These credentials come in Certificate form and an ID card which last 3 years.

Through Credentialing coaches are made aware of expectations as teachers and role models. It is the goal of the USASF to infuse good decisions into each and every credentialed coach so that they may expand the positive life experience of all star cheerleading and dance into the lives of the youth they encourage. USASF is recognized as the baseline of education for each individual coach and also expect these standards to be met.

Hands-On Test

The Hands-On portion of credentialing is proving you understand how to teach certain skills within each level. No, you will neither have to perform these skills nor will you be working with athletes during the testing. However, you will have to explain to an instructor how to perform each skill just as if you were coaching a team. The instructor will have a list of key points that you must cover in order to pass that skill and or level. You do not have to cover the key points word for word as listed on the instructors paper. The instructors job is to validate that you cover in your own words the key points of each skill in order to teach proper technique and ensure that you know what you are talking about in order to keep the athletes safe.  You must score a 70% or higher to become credentialed at that level and qualify to move on to the next.

USASF Coaches

Credentialing and Re-Credentialing

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Cheerleading Safety

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This course consists of three important elements of cheerleading: motions, jumps and tumbling. The motion workshop details correct motion placement and offers coaching techniques for improv- ing sharpness and synchronization. The jumps section covers proper conditioning and technique for the most common cheer- leading jumps. The tumbling portion provides information on tumbling progressions and spotting techniques.

This course focuses on teaching stunts in a safe, progressive manner. Lead-up skills, stunt bio-mechanics and spotting specifics are also covered in both classroom and “hands-on” settings.

This course builds on the techniques taught in the prerequisite course Partner Stunt Progressions I. The course involves a deeper look at transitional partner stunts as well as alternate ways to mount and dismount these stunts.

NFHS Stunt Progressions I

NFHS Stunt Progressions II

Motions,  Jumps & Tumbling

NFHS Spirit Education Program